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Bali News Roundup – October 11, 2023


Strengthening Bilateral and Regional Cooperation

In a momentous gathering on October 11, 2023, the foreign ministers of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea converged in Bali. Their discussions were anchored on bolstering bilateral and regional cooperation. Both dignitaries celebrated the growing ties binding the two nations.

Bali's Vision: Attracting a Different Breed of Tourists

Bali is reshaping its tourism blueprint. Moving away from tourists inclined towards unruly behavior, the island now sets its sights on welcoming digital nomads, retirees, and wellness enthusiasts. To ensure the sanctity of its cultural and natural landmarks, measures such as visitor quotas, entry taxes, and prohibitions against specific activities like mountain climbing, motorbike renting, and touching sacred trees are in play. Furthermore, tourists will now be escorted by licensed tour guides during their exploration.

Nusa Ceningan: Bali's Best-Kept Secret

If you're looking for tranquility paired with luxury, Nusa Ceningan might just be the spot. Touted as one of Bali's under-the-radar jewels, the island is a haven of serene accommodations, chic beach clubs, and cozy cafes.

Unified Visions at the Archipelagic and Island States Forum

The Ministerial Meeting of the Archipelagic and Island States Forum on October 11, 2023, concluded with an agreement to foster unity and joint endeavors. A comprehensive document outlining the same will be presented at the AIS Forum Summit 2023 for further deliberation by the heads of state.

Green Tourism: Indonesia and Tonga Join Hands

In a leap towards sustainable tourism, Indonesia and Tonga inked a pact on October 11, 2023. This alliance, rooted in the AIS Forum's framework, aims at enhancing eco-tourism infrastructure, particularly in Tonga.

Bali Tightens the Reins on Disruptive Visitors

Preserving Bali's tranquil aura remains a priority for the Indonesian government. In a decisive move, stringent actions against unruly tourists have been put in motion. Those venturing to Bali must tread with respect and caution, as the government has set a target to pinpoint and address a minimum of 100 disruptive foreigners monthly.


Bali, with its ever-evolving tourism landscape, gourmet delights, and staunch commitment to peace, stands as a testament to dynamism and cultural integrity. Visitors, while soaking in the island's splendors, are urged to show reverence to its traditions and laws, ensuring a symbiotic relationship between the locale and its global guests.